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Martial Arts Class

Work With Us

We are excited to build relationships with our community and see the amazing ways this space can be used. Since we have multiple pricing structures, please consider the way you will be using the space when referring to the following structure below. 


We know that cost can be a barrier to starting or maintaining a business or organizational mission. If any of these price points are too high, please reach out to us to with a requested sliding scale amount.

Yoga Studio

Business / Fundraising

Rent space by the hour for your business or fundraiser. Have the option for a consistent schedule, or one-off appointments. 


  • Weekly scheduled timeslots: $20/hr (based on monthly average)

    • Proper cleanup is required​

    • Price reduction eligible for more than 10 hours a week

  • Hourly (2 hour minimum): $25/hr

    • Cleaning fee: $50 per cleaning – waived if you clean up after yourself according to checklist

Packing Food in Boxes

Community Organizing

Use the space for community organizing or non-profit events. This rate is specific to events that are not making money for your group. 


  • Weekly scheduled timeslots: $12

    • Proper cleanup is required​

  • Hourly (2 hour minimum): $15

    • Cleaning fee: $50 per cleaning – waived if you clean up after yourself  according to checklist

Blowing Out Candles


Rent the space for parties, personal events, play dates, or just for a change of scenery. 


  • Hourly (2 hour minimum): $25

    • Cleaning fee: $100 per cleaning – prepaid at time of reservation (able to be reimbursed if cleaned according to checklist)

The HIVE is built around the concept of health and community - and the understanding that the two are interrelated. 


Sliding Scale

Our pricing is set at a breakeven point, so please use this option with discretion. To request sliding scale, please email Gabrielle with the following information: which of the three pricing structures most closely aligns with your goal, a brief description of why you are requesting a reduction, and what your requested rate is. We will make every attempt to accommodate requests but do not guarantee it. See the following examples:

  • I am starting a personal training business and hope to use the space 6 hours a week. I would like to pay $15/hour with a monthly schedule for the first 6 months while I build my clientele.

  • We would like to schedule a birthday party for my grandfather, but that rate is more than my family can afford. Can we schedule 4 hours at $15 an hour instead of $25?



Priority is given to those organizations/individuals that will be using the space on a regular basis. We also prioritize organizations/individuals using the space in alignment with our mission and values. While we hope that this doesn’t become a factor, we reserve the right to prioritize organizations/individuals that will be paying full cost if our financial sustainability becomes compromised.

Monthly/weekly use of the space will be invoiced on a monthly basis for the upcoming month.

Deposits and refunds:

A $50 deposit is required to reserve the space at an hourly rate. The deposit will be applied toward the rent and/or cleaning fee as appropriate. The deposit is refundable if cancelled at least three weeks before the event. Any remaining balance will be due at the time of the event. No reservations can be made with outstanding/overdue balances.

What if I don't want to rent space?

In some situations, we may consider adding classes to our sister company, Hand to Hand Fitness. If you would like to teach a class or offer a service that is in alignment with H2H Fitness, please reach out to us to discuss options to work under our umbrella. 

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