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Upcoming Workshops


Contact Improvisational Therapeutic Dance Workshop

w/Stuart Phillips

July 20-21, 2024 12PM - 3PM

This CI Therapeutic Dance Workshop sufficiently explores our potentially unexplored psycho-emotional aspects within specific inter-relational connections. We’ll dive deep into our internal landscape whilst relating, our unknown, unexpected, surprising aspects of physical & energetic relating, exploring how these experiences affect & change us, as we confront more uncomfortable, yet exciting & relieving personal mental/emotional truisms. We’ll gently choose partners with highly intuitional guidance that potentially trigger our patterns, giving us ample chance to move through any stuck internal places with the help of exact experiential awareness

All levels welcome
To hold space $90-$110 USD payment to / paypal (send "friends & family"), or venmo to stuart phillips-@stuart-phillips-18
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A Somatic Exploration of Touch and the Subconscious

August 21, 2024 

A guided container for us to give and receive nourishing, platonic touch, and explore what gets in the way of asking for and offering touch.

Click Here for more information and registration. 
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