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PLEASE NOTE: We are still working on our website. The embedded Punchpass schedule and registration system is for informational purposes only for now. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENROLL THROUGH THIS SITE UNTIL THIS IS UPDATED.


You may attend classes on a drop-in basis. 

The Hive is a space where many organizations, businesses and individuals come together. Therefore, not all instructors, classes, or events are part of the same umbrella.

The schedule below is for our sister company, Hand to Hand Fitness. Classes will eventually be reserved and paid in Punchpass for classes that fall under Hand to Hand Fitness. Some classes listed are for informational purposes only, as instructors are operating as their own entity. 


  • Tuesdays 5:45PM -7:15PM

  • Saturdays 10AM - 11:30AM


  • Mondays 6PM - 7:30PM

  • Wednesday 6PM - 7:30PM (note: there will not be class September 27th through October 18th)

Hand to Hand Fitness

  • Tuesday through Friday 5:30AM - 7AM 

  • Class is broken up into 30-minute increments so you can attend this class starting at 5:30, 6, or 6:30, but if coming at 6 or 6:30, please do your own warm-up prior to attending and please wait to join the class until you are signaled by the instructor. 

Acro Yoga Jam

  • Thursdays 7PM - 8:30PM

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